Hike - Quandary Peak

Distance - 6.7 mi round trip
Elevation Gain - 3450 ft
Difficulty - Hard
Time - 6:32
Description - Quandary Peak is a 14er just south of Breckenridge. This was my first time hiking a 14er and Brian's second. He previously hiked Quandary Peak years ago. We started just after 7 am and the temperature was around 35°F. The beginning of the hike starts out in the trees and is fairly steep but levels out. Once we got past tree line, it was rocky most of the way up. The last mile or so is very steep and rocky and we had to stop fairly frequently just to be able to breathe at that elevation. The temperature at the summit was around 40-45°F. It was a great temperature for hiking and the sky was really clear. There were lots of people hiking up and down the mountain throughout the day and about 25 people at the summit when we got there. It took us ~3 hours and 40 minutes to hike up the mountain. On the way down, we stopped on one of the ridges to enjoy our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was much needed relief for our feet to get off of hiking on rocks and back to the softer dirt. By the time we finished, the temperature had warmed up quite a bit - good thing we wore our layers.
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Quandary Peak - 2006
Sep 3, 2006 - 47 Photos

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Rick said…
Nice pictures! Looks like a great hike.