Hike - Coyote Ridge and Rimrock Trails

Distance - 6.9 mi round trip
Elevation Gain - 620 ft
Difficulty - Easy
Time - 2:39
Description - This is a hike in the Coyote Ridge Natural Area and the Devil's Backbone Open Space. We started at the Coyote Ridge trailhead just off of Taft Road in near Fort Collins. We hiked west to Rimrock trail and stopped at the Blue Sky trail. It was a nive 7 mile hike roundtrip that took about 2 hours and 40 minutes. The weather was really nice for fall in the low 60's. It was a fun hike, but might have been more fun on a bike.
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Coyote Ridge and Rimrock

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Brian said…

Tried to find an email address for you to avoid doing this in comments, but I didn't see one anywhere. Anyway, I am curious how you're getting your images to show up in Google Maps using the kmz file. I follwed the directions you put out in the post about how to get pics in the kmz file, but uploading to my website and viewing through google maps doesn't seem to show the pics. It knows where they go, but can't find the links. See here: http://maps.google.com/?q=http://briandickens.net/gps/Hike12.kmz&t=h

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
Brian Brown said…
The kmz file you have generated doesn't appear to contain any images. You can tell there aren't any images in the file because it is on 8kb. Also a kmz is just a zip file that you can open with something like winzip. If you look inside there should be a kml file and a folder of binary files like all the images. For some reason the images are missing.

I would try going back to step 3 where you export the Google Earth file from Picasa. Take a look at that kmz file that is generated and make sure the size is reasonable. For number of pictures you had it may be a meg or two.

Hope this helps.

Robert J Miller said…
Hello Stacy and Brian,

Your blog is awesome with good trail information and pictures. I am now inspired to do these hikes myself. I am a blog writer too chronicling hiking, biking, and camping in Colorado.

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I hope you start writing again soon :)
Brian Brown said…
Thanks for the comments. I have been meaning to post a bunch of hikes that we have done over the past year and had been putting it off. I posted 9 new hikes and snowshoe trips this morning. Enjoy!