Geocaching - Palmer Park

Distance - ~2-3 mi (not sure)
Difficulty - Moderate
Time - 3:00
Description - We went out geocaching in Palmer Park today. We went hunting for 5 caches and found 4 of the 5. The "easy" one we couldn't seem to find. It was a micro cache which means it was probably the size of a film canister. Anyway, we had fun and found a Travel Bug in the process.

Camo-Cache #3 GCPP7Y
N 38° 52.342 W 104° 45.862
Couldn't find this one. We tried this one this morning when we started the day and also tried to find it after we found 4 other caches in Palmer Park.

Michi Cache GC3961
N 38° 52.213 W 104° 46.097
Found this one for the first find of 4 that we found in Palmer Park today. It was a little bit of a hike off the beaten path to get to this one. If we had known to start up above on a trail that would have helped. We took the Oreo cookie guy and left a compass keychain.

Colin's Cache GCQ48F
N 38° 52.545 W 104° 45.894
This was a quick one to find not far from the parking lot. This was the second of four for the day. We took a yellow giraffe koosh toy and left an LL Bean Thermometer/Compass.

Camo-Cache #2 GCPGNT
N 38° 52.447 W 104° 46.612
Not far from the trail, but a little steep down to the cache. Pretty quick find for the third of four for the day in Palmer Park. Took the army man and left a yo-yo (tight fit!). There are two single pieces of paper for the log and they are getting pretty full. Might want to bring a single sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" blank paper to add to the log.

Camo-Cache #1 GCPDKA
N 38° 52.810 W 104° 46.096
This was a quick cache to find, just a short walk down from the road. This was the forth of four caches in Palmer Park we found today. Took the Chopper V TB and left an Army Man. We will probably find a good place for the TB next weekend near the mountains of Boulder.

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Geocaching Palmer Park 2006
Aug 27, 2006 - 18 Photos

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