Hike - South Boulder Peak

Distance - 7.0 mi round trip
Elevation Gain - 2,779 ft
Difficulty - Moderate
Time - 5:00
Description - On the accent we took the Mesa, Towhee, Shadow Canyon South, and Shadow Canyon trails. On the way up we saw a rattle snake on the trail that we had to get around. We were freaked going up the Shadow Canyon Trail because there was a bear warning sign saying that it recommended taking another trail. This was an really great hike. The fall colors were in full force producing amazing reds and yellows. Hopefully we captured some of this in our photos.
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South Boulder Peak Hike
Sep 30, 2006 - 59 Photos

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Pat said…
Hi, I just found your blog. Great pics. I'm a runner (sort of) and I want to incorporate running, gps and photos. It's harder getting pictures when you're on the run.

I'll stop back often. You guys take great pics.